(Man’s LH – Ladies RH)


(Man’s Either Hand – Ladies RH)

1.   Guys  - Draw a semi-circle to the L and boldly offer your RH as you both step back.  Ladies – Take up the offered hand

2.   Guys  - Step in, taking your LH up to your L- Shoulder, palm facing forward, and keep hold with your right hand at waist level.  Ladies -Place you R palm on the man’s flat hand.

You should now be standing close together facing each other.

3.   Guys  - Step back and push your LH forwards and down to turn the lady 1/4 CW, at the same time holding on with your RH, take it to the L-Side.   Ladies – Try not to over-turn, as you might wrench your arm.

Guys should be facing the lady and lady’s’ should be at a 900 to the man.

4.   Guys  - Using your RH, take it to the R, to flick spin the lady 1¼ turns ACW, to face.  Ladies – Keep the tension in your L-Arm for the spin.

5.   Guys  - Step back, catching either hand.

There is no a return at the end of this move.

Offer, Flat, Prepare, Spin, Catch 

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