(Man’s RH – Ladies RH)


(Man’s RH – Ladies RH)

1.  Guys  - Nudge the lady away from you with your RH.

2.  Guys  - Step in, as you pull your RH down towards your R-Hip and then out to your RHS, in a backward “J”. This will wrap the lady in ½ ACW into your RHS. Take up the lady’s offered hand.

The guy’s RH should now be on the lady’s R-Hip with the ladies LH offered in front of the guy.

3.   Guys   - Rock back on your RF, as you pull with you RH on the lady’s waist, to sway your lady slightly to the RHS.  Ladies – back on your RF.

4.   Guys  - Step your feet together and twist the lady forward and in front of you so that she steps forward on her RF at a slight angle towards the LHS.  Ladies – forward on your RF.

5.   Guys  - Nudge the lady forward with your RSh, her to unwrap her ½ turn CW to face.

6.   Guys  - Both step back..

7.   Guys  - Step in raising your RH, just above the lady’s L-Eye, and return her a full turn ACW.

8.  Lower and both step back.

Back, Wrap, Sway, Forward, Unwrap, Back, Return, Back

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