Side to Side


(Man’s LH – Ladies RH)


(Man’s LH – Ladies RH)

1.   Guys - Use your LH to nudge the lady away as you step back on your RF. Ladies – Step back on your LF.

2.   Guys - Take your LH through between you, at waist height as you turn ¼ CW, bringing both forearms together at waist height. Ladies – Turn ¼ turn ACW as the man’s hand pushes through between you. You should be elbow-to-elbow not bumping hips together. You can click your fingers as you turn to add a jivey feel.

3.   Guys - Push away with your L-Elbow as you both step back and turn in to face each other.

4.   Guys - As for step 2.   

5.   Guys - As for step 3

6.   & 7 Guys - Perform a travelling return, by returning the lady a ½ turn ACW as you change places behind the lady, then step back on your RF to create tension.  Ladies – Return as normal, then step back on your LF.

Back, Through, Face, Through, Face, Return, Back

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