(Man’s LH – Ladies RH)


(Man’s RH – Ladies RH) 

1. Guys  - Nudge the lady away from you and step back turning your self ¼ CW, offering your RH behind your back in a ½ nelson position.  Ladies – Step back. (The man’s hand offered behind his back means that one the next beat you should step behind him and attempt to take up the offered hand in your LH.)

2 Guys  - Raise your LH and at the same time, step to your LHS.  Ladies – Step behind the man, on your RF and take up the man’s offered RH.

You should end up standing almost back-to-back.

3. Guys  - Step to the LHS again (like a crab) as you lower the LH (into ½ nelson) and raise the RH. Ladies – Keep your arms very relaxed and step to your LHS.

4. Guys  - Take your RH (still connected to hers!) over your in front of your face and over your head and between you, and turn yourself a ¼ turn ACW on the spot.  Ladies – Turn ¼ turn CW so that you end up standing at the man’s LHS.

5. Guys  - Lower your RH and let go as you draw your LH forward and over the ladies head to turn her a full turn ACW to face.

6. Lower and both step back.

Offer, Raise the L, Raise the R, Over, Return, Back

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