Man Guitar


(Man’s RH – Ladies RH)


(Man’s Either Hand – Ladies RH)

1.   Guys  - Draw a semi-circle to the R, as you both step back, and signal the move, by holding his LH out to the LHS, palm facing down to the floor.

2.   Guys   - Step in slightly diagonally to your LHS as you turn your self a ½ turn ACW, and place your RH onto you R-Hip. Also offer your LH out in front of the lady’s stomach.  Ladies - Step forward taking up the offered hand

3 & 4.  Both walk around in a CW direction in a semi circle, over 2 beats.

5. Guys   - Let go with you RH and step back, as you draw the lady forward with your LH, drawing a CW circle with that hand, at the lady’s waist level, letting go, to free spin the lady 1½ turns CW in front of you.  Ladies– Step forward on your RF and spin around on your LF.

6.   Guys  - Step back and catch with either hand.

7.  Guys  - Step in, lifting your LH just above the lady’s L-Eye, to return her a full turn ACW, to face.

8.  Lower and both step back.

Back, Wrap, Walk 1,2, Spin, Catch, Return, Back

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