Lady Spin


(Man’s RH – Ladies RH)


(Man’s Either Hand – Ladies RH)

1.   Guys  - Draw a semi-circle to the R as you both step back.

2.   Guys  - Step to the right side, on your right foot, as you take your RH out to the right side, changing your grip to a cupped grip.   Ladies – Step forward, turning ¼ turn ACW on your right foot, and make a fist in the mans cupped hand.

Both of you need tension in your arms. 

3.   Guys  - Push your RH towards the left, at the lady’s waist height to spin her 1¼ turns CW to face.  Ladies –Use the tension from the man’s arm for your spin.

4.   Guys  - Step back and catch either hand. 

5.   Guys  - Step in, lifting your L/RH just above the lady’s left eye, to turn her a full turn ACW, to face.

6.  Lower and both step back.

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