(Man’s RH – Ladies RH)


(Man’s Either Hand – Ladies RH)

1.   Guys - Use your RH to nudge the lady away as you step back on your LF, as you do so change your RH grip to a hooked grip.  Ladies – Step back on your RF.

2.   Guys - Step in, slightly diagonally to your LHS and at the same time pull down, back and over with your RH, in a bowling action, to lead lady a ½ turn ACW under your R-Arm. She should end up on your RHS.

3.   Guys - Step forward feet together, offering both hands out behind you.  Ladies – Step back feet together and take up the offered hands. Both lean away from each other to create tension.

4.   Guys - Step back diagonally to your RHS leading the lady forward into your LHS. (Your RH at your R-Hip, and your LH in front of lady’s L-Hip).

5.   Guys - Let with your RH and draw your LH forward as you then draw a CW circle at waist height, letting go to spin her 1½ turns CW, in front of you.  Ladies – Step forward on your LF then spin in front of the man.

6.   Guys - Step back catching with either hand. Ladies – Step back catching with your RH.

7.   & 8 Guys - Step in to return lady, then lower and step back, guys back on your RF, ladies back on your LF.

Back, Over, Extend, Side, Spin, Catch, Return, Back

 Remember to fully extend your both arms, before you take the lady into your left side. Ladies don’t step towards the left until the man leads you there.

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