(Man’s LH – Ladies RH)


(Man’s Either Hand – Ladies RH)

1.   Guys - Use your LH to nudge the lady away as you step back on your RF. (At the same time signal move, by holding flat RH, palm down, out to the side at waist height). Ladies – Step back on your LF.

2.   Guys - Turn yourself ½ ACW, taking your RH over your LH. Ladies – Step forward ending up on his RHS.

3.   Guys - Let go with your LH  & step back to catch ladies LH. Ladies - Step forward turning ½ turn CW to face the man.

4.   & 5 Guys - Step in to return lady, then lower and step back, guys back on your RF, ladies back on your LF.

Signal, Wrap, Catch, Return & Back

Allow lady to turn on an open hand.

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