Bar Push


(Man’s LH – Ladies RH)


(Man’s Either Hand – Ladies RH)

1.   Guys - Nudge the lady away from you with your LH, as you both step back, guys back on your RF, ladies back on your LF.

2.   Guy’s – Step forward feet together with the weight on your LF, at the same time take your LH to your LShoulder and place your RH onto the inside of the ladies R-Forearm. Ladies – Step forward and make sure the you keep tension in your R-Arm.

You should be facing opposite directions with the lady standing on the man’s RHS and his RH blocking the inside of the ladies R-Arm. 

3.   Guys - Let go with your LH and push forward with your RH at shoulder height,  then let go as you step behind the lady pivoting ½ turn CW, stepping R, L. Ladies – Step behind the man on your LF then turn 1½ turns CW stepping R, L as you spin.

4.   Guys - Once facing your lady, offer either hand as you step back on your RF. Ladies –Take up the offered hand in your RH and step back on your RF

5.   Guys - Step forward, as you take your catching hand over the ladies head to turn her full turn ACW to face. Ladies - Step forward on LF and turn a full turn ACW, then when you have finished the turn step your RF next to your LF.

6.   Guys - Lower and both step back

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