(Man’s LH – Ladies RH)


(Man’s LH – Ladies RH)

1.   Guys - Use your LH to nudge the lady away as you step back on your RF and offer your RH. Ladies – Step back on your LF and take up the offered hand.

2.   Guys – Keeping your both hands at hip height twist to the left.

3.   Guys - Twist to the right

4.   Guys - Turn to face your partner taking your LH to your L Shoulder.   

5.   Guys - Raise you LH over the ladies head and turn her a full turn CW to face. Ladies - Step in and turn under man’s raised LH, keeping a loose grip.

6.    Guys - When facing your lady, lower your hand and nudge the lady away as you step back.

7.   & 8 Step in to return lady and both lower and step back, guys stepping back on your RH. Ladies stepping back on your LF.

Offer, Left, Right, Shoulder, Turn & Back, Return & Back

 When taking the LH to the shoulder or hip, keep the same grip, don’t change to a ballroom grip

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